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About the Book

Beyond Gluten Intolerance-GIS

By Karen Masterson Koch, CN.

Beyond Gluten Intolerance GIS

Are you confused about health these days friends – You’re not alone!

However, once you know how GLUTEN and GIS (the gluten inflammatory syndrome) effects every adult and child to some degree - it will open the door to a health discovery including healthy weight loss, reversing failing health which often includes digestive challenges, Mood disorders, allergies, skin conditions, and there's even the formula from the latest research of how to turn back the aging clock once and for all!

Beyond Gluten Intolerance - GIS" is three books in one - a health book that includes personal testimonies, the utmost important foods to eat for every stage of health with delicious recipes and shopping lists plus the real definition of what gluten is and why people are not getting properly diagnosed in the first place.  
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Karen Masterson Koch.



Over 25 years of clinical and counseling work in health has led to the three groundbreaking theories behind the GIS – Gluten Inflammatory Syndrome. GIS touches every person and you can learn how to prevent disease and reverse it by applying the GIS Program in your life.

Confusion would be the word to best describe most individuals understanding about health these days. However, once you know how Gluten and GIS profoundly impact one’s health – it will open the door to a health discovery you never dreamed possible. This book envelopes the most significant work that has been done thus far in bowel disease, explains the implications and gives a path to wellness.

As the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates wrote more than two thousand years ago, “Food is Your Medicine and Medicine is Your Food” – I agree just so long as it doesn’t include Gluten! You will learn easy solutions to devastating life threatening diseases and why our government and health agencies have not told you the truth you deserve to know. Life becomes so much more enjoyable when you feel like living following the GIS Program. This book is for people; living with any disease, those who desire to reach a healthy weight goal and others purely seeking disease prevention – learning how to stay healthy!

Brief Highlight on the Book:


Beyond Gluten Intolerance is like (3) Books in (1) including personal testimonies and explanations about why people are not being properly diagnosed.

12 Chapters, well referenced including a lengthy "Children's Chapter" reviewing fertility, pregnancy, toddler and family health goals plus the facts on vaccinations uncensored!

Also, a "Pet's Chapter" explains the importance of keeping a low gluten diet for Fido too.

Health Book - including over 80 health conditions and 20 Healthy Focus Factors required to reach "Optimum Health".

Facts About Gluten - including the authors GIS Theories telling what it is and why it causes health challenges (of varying degrees connecting to other illnesses) even shortening life itself.

Delicious Gluten Free Recipes including meal planning, shopping lists and separate diets and supplements for the three GIS Zones plus a special TIPS Section for all people interested in becoming the healthiest they can be and more!

Take action today and get your own copy. A path back to wellness and prevention that you can't afford not to get for vibrant health and a fun filled life ahead!




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